Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

by J. Money -

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Here’s a list of my favorite personal finance blogs, websites, and resources I read and use consistently. Hope y’all find some new favorites to follow! :)

Last updated 1/30/18

Personal Finance & Early Retirement Blogs:

  • Cait Flanders (minimalism / money / mindfulness)
  • Mad Fientist (early retirement hacks / FIRE tools)
  • Get Rich Slowly (great for A.D.D. and quick $$$ nuggets)
  • Financial Samurai (super smart / high income targeted)
  • My Money Blog (<– the first blog I ever read!)
  • Afford Anything (fun / real estate focused)
  • Mr. Money Mustache (when you need a good ass kicking!)
  • A Wealth of Common Sense (stocks stocks stocks)
  • Montana Money Adventures (lifestyle design / mini sabbaticals)
  • Four Pillar Freedom (visual and thinky)
  • Wealthy Accountant (great storyteller / super smart)
  • Mr. Free At 33 (freedom / expat)
  • 1500 Days (early retirement / humorous)
  • jlcollinsnh (index investing / early retirement)
  • Wallet Hacks (interesting / entertaining)
  • Go Curry Cracker! (early retirement / tax hacks)
  • The Luxe Strategist (sharp / never know what you’re gonna get)
  • Free Money Finance (quick thoughts based on $$$ news)
  • The Lady in the Black (Fun and creative!)
  • Early Retirement Extreme (feisty and frugal)
  • I Will Teach You To Be Rich (feisty and funny (and knows his $hit))

Other Financial Tools and Sites

  • Coin Thrill (my coin collecting blog)
  • Rockstar ✮ Finance (a financial curation site I built, and later sold)
  • Rockstar Blog Directory (our industry’s first database of blogs I built)
  • Budgets Are Boring (it’s a trick – don’t click!)
  • Why You’re Poor (I wonder why?)
  • Bad Voices (only $5.00!)
  • Mother Budgeter (hubba hubba)

Non-Money Blogs I Follow:

  • Raptitude (someone who will make you think all day long)
  • Derek Sivers (life and business hacks)
  • The Minimalists (quick win around minimalism)
  • Becoming Minimalist (great storyteller around minimalism)
  • Zero Waste Home (instigator of the Zero Waste movement!)