May 2011

No to Anniversary Gifts. Yes to Anniversary Adventures!

May 31, 2011

If I did my job right, we’re out the door right now heading to an undisclosed location, about to do undisclosed things (ow ow!). It’s our 3-year anniversary which means I have to put on the charm and make sure I’m doing my husbandly duties ;) Do any of y’all remember when I live-blogged at the wedding?! Haha… it was in the very beginning of […]

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Remember that $2,000 we “saved” from refinancing?

May 30, 2011

We finally did something with it :) If you recall, one of the perks of refinancing our 1st mortgage was that we got to skip a month’s worth of payments (we had to pay the interest, of course, but it was all included in our closing costs).  So since we didn’t have to pay June’s mortgage this month, it meant we had an additional $2,000 […]

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5 For Friday: Random Money Questions

May 27, 2011

I’m about to catch a flight out from dropping love in Louisiana, so we’re gonna make this short & sweet today :) Last week’s was AWESOME to see how much you guys make, and what you do every day! Did it feel good to get it out? Did it make you wanna work harder to reach what some others were making?  Either way it was […]

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When a Discount, Isn’t Really a Discount.

May 26, 2011

(Guest Post by Pop) Cairo. City of the living. And home to some of the greatest negotiators on Earth. I visited the city a couple years ago and had the pleasure of stopping by its main market, Khan el-Khalili. It’s a big tourist trap now. Filled with colorful, embroidered robes that no one but foreigners buy and homemade toy camels stuffed with sand. But if […]

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Side Hustle Series: I’m a High-Fashion eBay Reseller

May 25, 2011

(By Sarah, as part of our Side Hustle Series) I’m a college student with a few great passions in my life: God, style and personal finance. Eclectic mix, I know. I’ve written for J$ before, about how skipping class costs money!, and I’m back now to talk about my side hustle, which earns me some nice pocket change. The first thing you should know about […]

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$100 Supercuts Giveaway!!

May 24, 2011

Hey guys! Haven’t done a giveaway in a little while and was starting to miss ’em ;)  In fact, I’m actually working on a super cool new project regarding giveaways, but I’ll holler later when we’re closer to launch. Just know it’s gonna be exciting!! For today, though, we’re gonna give FOUR of you lucky winners a $25 gift card to Supercuts! Just for being […]

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Man Finds $45,000 Cash In His New House

May 23, 2011

Then he returns it!! WOW… How’s that for being a good Samaritan? I saw this on ABC News this weekend and was just floored. Can you imagine going in YOUR garage and finding bags and BAGS full of cash hidden away? I don’t even know what I would do. I’d like to think I’d give it back to the original owner too, but I gotta […]

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5 For Friday: You & Your Career

May 20, 2011

That time of the week again, friends! A new riveting 5 for Friday up in hurrr! ;) I know you’ve been on pins and needles all week long waiting for this, so let’s get right to it. Haha… today it’s all about you and your job secrets. And to keep it as “real” as possible in here, feel free to leave out any details like […]

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Putting Money in Perspective

May 19, 2011

(This is a flashback to a post I wrote over a year or so ago. I was reminded of it yesterday cuz it’s a great way to put things in perspective! Even in the last year my outlook on money has changed as far as *what’s* important to me now (You can see the old stuff that’s now crossed out below)  Let’s see if you […]

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If You Did Just ONE Thing This Year…

May 18, 2011

What would it be?  Financially speaking? My brother in law once told me that no matter what happens throughout the year, the one thing he ALWAYS does is to make sure he maxes out his 401(k).  And it used to be mine, too!  In fact, I took it a step further the last two years and maxed out Both my 401k and my Roth – […]

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13 (Clever) Ways to Save More Money!

May 17, 2011

I think it’s really funny/cool how we all do things that forces us to save money sometimes. Like we can’t do it without tricking ourselves or something ;) This new blog I started reading – Master the Art of Saving – talks about stashing $1 coins in her house (the gold ones, which she refers to as “pirates gold” haha….) and how storing them in […]

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May 16, 2011

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan I’ve been waiting a long time to say that :) Seriously, we try every 5-6 months and always heard back “No,” “No,” and “Hellllll No!” Haha… and damn understandable too. We’re $60k+ underwater!!!  I wouldn’t let myself refi either. But you know who did?  Chase!! The same bank that already HAS our 1st mortgage, which is the craziest part of the whole thing in […]

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5 For Friday: Favorite Things Edition

May 13, 2011

Here we go again! Another 5 for Friday action up in hurrrrr. This time, your favorite FINANCIAL things. Maybe you’ll learn something today? ;) 1) What’s your favorite credit card? 2) What’s your favorite financial book? 3) What’s your all-time favorite financial company? 4) What’s your favorite financial tool? (could be software, investment vehicles, or anything you consider a “tool” really) 5) And lastly, what’s […]

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Most Expensive Bar Tab Ever

May 13, 2011

Haha… I like the random bottles of Bud Light on there ;) Really don’t know what to say other than that. Just ehmm… WOW.  #Ballin’ (Shout out to @SI_BenReiter who tweeted this gem!) Most Expensive Bar Tab Ever was last modified: April 7th, 2016 by J. Money

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