August 2010

Can you really get arrested for doodling on dollars?

August 31, 2010
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I am wondering because I may or may not like to draw on ’em,  A LOT. And I’ve never heard of anyone getting arrested or even receive a firm talking to for drawing on money.   My sister once got a nice little visit from the FBI because her friend was passing around *fake* dollars she had made on her dad’s scanner, but I think counterfeiting […]

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The Worst E-Mail Scam Ever.

August 30, 2010

Hello. I’m from Georgia. My name is Lasha. Maybe you will seem ugly, but I have no other choice. I really in bad condition, however, forgive you for forgiveness, I want to ask you money. I’m very hard to explain what my problem. I beg you, do not understand me wrong. I know how stupid it sounds, but I’ll give them a few years. I’m […]

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20 Signs You Need a Financial Makeover

August 30, 2010

I got this email from the other day and couldn’t help but pass it along :) There’s something about it that just says “Hey you!  Stop what you’re doing and pay attention! Your money needs you!” Haha… Some of these are pretty lame, but the majority of them are right on the money and should def. get you to think.  I had to take […]

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I Got Googled and I Liked It.

August 27, 2010

You know what’s it’s time for? Because it’s funny, and it’s Friday, and I’m just dead tired from a week of crazy 9-5 stuff?  Googling for Dollars!!! Haha… nah, but we are Googling for Beautyofbali ;) This is when I rummage through all the keywords people are typing in which somehow landed them here on this website. You wouldn’t believe some of the […]

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Tips From a Vegas Virgin

August 26, 2010

(This is a guest post from my boy Philip – an avid reader of BudgetsAreSexy and now a more distinguished gentleman!) So with my first trip to Vegas complete, I figured I’d take up J’s offer to share some of my money saving thoughts on the whole experience. A few of these tips may seem obvious to those who’ve been several times before, but for […]

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Bye Bye Quicken Online, Hello Mint!

August 25, 2010

This is kinda old news, but Quicken Online is getting thrown into the dumpster in favor of its new gem (which Intuit paid $170 MILLION dollars for last year and has a gaggle of hardcore fans – myself included). But while many of us love the trendy ol’ Mint, there are handfuls of those who don’t. And unfortunately these budgeters have until this Sunday, […]

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The World’s Smallest Credit Card Charge

August 24, 2010

I did something last night that I’m not proud of. After all the talkin’ I’ve done about having cash in your pockets and always being prepared, I was caught with my pants down. And not in a good way. (Okay, well it wasn’t all that bad really – kinda funny actually! – but it’s definitely embarrassing coming from a personal finance blogger ;)) I was […]

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The Splurging of Gift Cards :)

August 23, 2010

We finally did it! We used a good chunk of all those gift cards that were piling up over the years :)  I don’t know what got into us, but all of a sudden we REALLY got in the mood to shop.  And it felt GOOD!  (I seriously hadn’t been to a Target or TJ Maxx in months…some places since last xmas!!!) Here is a […]

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How do you see your finances in a year?

August 20, 2010

I love the last pages of Money Mag & Fortune. They’re always something short and fun, which is perfect for my A.D.H.D. ;) And also great for blog post ideas! Which is where today’s Q comes from (September’s ed. of Money). They polled their readers asking ’em how they think their investments will be lookin’ a year from now, as well as their j-o-b. Here […]

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5 Things to Always Keep in Your Car

August 19, 2010

I used to keep a lot of stuff in my car – mostly junk.  The new me, though, is new & improved and I try to keep only what I truly need in there. Here are 5 of these bad boys below. There are others too, of course, but these are the ones that always seem to save me. Either in money or frustration :) […]

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Don’t Know What to Make of These “Coupon Books”

August 18, 2010

These Coupon Books intrigue me… You know the ones I’m talking about? The ones that claim to have $5,000 worth of coupons in it, yet sell for only $30? (I think they may be called Entertainment Books too). I usually get hit up by kids in the neighborhood or friends on sports teams trying to raise some extra cash, but I can’t tell if they’re really […]

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The “Skinny on Real World Survival Kit” Giveaway!

August 17, 2010

Hi guys!  We got a pretty fun giveaway to do today :) I’m not sure if you’ve heard of these books before, but I’ve read through two of them so far (the credit card one and one on the credit crisis) and absolutely loved them! They’re super fast to read (like 1-2 hours), lots of stick pictures and examples, and everything’s in plain NORMAL terms […]

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My Life List

August 16, 2010

I’ve been wanting to create one of these forever. And after reading some of your comments on what you’d do with an extra $1,000 I’m finally sitting down to pump this out – so thanks! And I plan on actually CROSSING THESE OFF MY LIST too – they’re not just gonna be sitting here looking pretty for the fun of it. If you’re anything like […]

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What would you do with an extra $1,000?

August 13, 2010

I was watching the tele last night when Montel Williams popped up in an ad and asked me if I could use an extra $1,000? Which is funny because I haven’t seen that guy in quite some time, and especially never hawking any products.  But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do! So just in case Mr. Williams is reading this right now, I […]

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